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Delivery & Return

Payment and Delivery Rules

Who pays for shipping?

Shipping is free for your Balerins purchases. Ballerins reserves the right to pay for the products that are delivered to you during the product exchange, return process or that you send to us.
How many days will my order arrive?

Orders will be sent to your address within 3-5 business days after your payment confirmation has been issued. If there are problematic products in your basket, the date of shipment of your order varies according to the procurement process of the other product.
You can find out if the product is shipped or not from the order detail page.
What happens if the cargo company cannot reach me at the given address?

If the cargo company cannot reach you, you will leave a Haber News Paper bulunan with telephone and address information on your door.
What should I do if the product delivered by the cargo company is different from the order, is missing or damaged?

Open and check the packages that you think are damaged during shipment in front of the cargo authority you received. If there is any damage to the product, please return the product to the cargo company. Please note that after the delivery of the product, you accept that the cargo company has fulfilled its duties.
In case of delivery of a product other than the product stated on your invoice, missing product or visibly damaged product or if your order information and invoice information are different from each other; you should keep a record explaining the situation with the courier. When the product is delivered to you, you must indicate whether the box has been opened or not. The record must be signed by you and the cargo officer. Missing, different arrived or damaged product will be sent to you as soon as possible. In this case you do not pay any additional shipping charges.